Reading Families Win

March 25, 2013Posted by Sue Farrell Holler

Congratulations to all of the families who were able to complete the amazing challenge of reading together for 100 consecutive days in the 100,000 Nights of Reading program!

Now, that's the way to create a good habit and to build literacy skills while having fun. Thanks ever so much to Encana, our major corporate sponsor, for allowing our prize team to have so much fun shopping and creating massive bags for 10 lucky, randomly chosen families. They won re-useable bags loaded with books, games, puzzles, craft supplies and more.

Our winners are:

  • Daiya Amy, Mother Teresa School
  • Duncan, Oliver and Grace Kitzman, homeschooled

  • Kyra and Kole Sauve, Holy Cross School
  • Tara Cholach, Stepping Stones Daycare

  • Kelly Caroll, Maude Clifford School
  • Zoya and Zamian Leiske, Savanna School

  • The Opdahl Family, St. Gerard School
  • Selena Davids, St. Clement School
  • Kaden Meyer, Harry Balfour School

  • Dane Kosowen, Ste. Marie School

Our thanks also go out to the Grande Prairie Public Library, the City of Grande Prairie, and the Council for Lifelong Learning for their support.

Thank You!

March 21, 2013Posted by Serena Boyte-Hawryluk

CLRt members preparing the massive prize bags for the 2013 100,000 Nights of Reading. Are you up for the challenge?

Thank you to all the families who participated in a 100,000 Nights of Reading! Keep in practice for the next 100,000 Nights of Reading coming this fall!

The days are longer and the snow is deeper. Even though spring starts soon, it looks and feels pretty much like winter! It is Time for Spring Books! Of the all the seasonal books, spring books seem to be the most ‘fuzzy’: books are full of pastel colours and fuzzy animals like bunnies and lambs and little birds and puppies and kittens…. Feel like a bit of spring? Visit your local library for an assortment of spring books!

Recipe for Reading Success

October 24, 2012Posted by Laura Reilly

If food is the fuel for the body, then reading is the fuel for the mind. Reading encourages imagination and intelligence. Reading is the key to knowledge that empowers and enables children to make sense of the world around them.

Parents: the recipe for a lifelong reader is easy:

  1. Make reading a daily part of your children's lives.
  2. Set aside a regular time to read each day. In a busy schedule those moments before bedtime are perfect for story times.
  3. Visit the library for an endless supply of books.
  4. Set an example by reading something that interests you.
  5. Make reading a family affair!

Check out Grande Prairie Public Library's list of great Family Reads. Pick one up today!

Read a Book, Give a Book

June 12, 2012Posted by Serena Boyte-Hawryluk

Read a Book, Give a Book. We Give Books is a new digital initiative that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online.

2012 Information Book Awards

May 2, 2012Posted by Serena Boyte-Hawryluk

The 2012 Information Book Award selection process has begun! Grande Prairie CLRt members, in partnership with other Children's Literature Roundtables across Canada, are eagerly evaluating some of the best Canadian non-fiction books published in 2011.

To view the preliminary list of nominated books, please click here.

"100,000 Nights of Reading" Program to Continue

March 9, 2012Posted by Sue Farrell Holler

This news just in! At its meeting yesterday, the CLRt has decided to continue the 100,000 Nights of Reading Program. Stay tuned for an October launch of the 2012-13 program. In the meantime, keep in good practice: Read every day just for the fun of it!

Rebecca-Mae Arnold from St. Gerard School, her siblings Maverick and Rihanna and Mom, Kimberly, were all smiles as the family won a literary prize pack, courtesy of the GP Children's Literature Roundtable. The family read together for 100 consecutive days to complete the 100,000 Nights of Reading program. The Arnold family was one of 10 prize pack winners.

100,000 Nights of Reading Success

February 24, 2012Posted by Sue Farrell Holler

Congratulations to all of the families who were able to complete our 100,000 Nights of Reading challenge! Reading together for 100 consecutive nights is an amazing feat. We were delighted by the response, the little notes, the book lists, the lovely artwork and interesting sticker collections on your reading logs. We especially loved the notes that said, "Hooray, we did it!" and "We had fun doing this!"

Ten families won literary prize packs filled with books, games, puzzles, art supplies, and other interesting goodies rounded up by our stupendous prize team. The prizes have been delivered to the children’s schools and will be presented at upcoming assemblies.

The prize winners are:

  • Thomas Robertson of Maude Clifford School
  • Kim Nicholson of Spirit River Regional Academy
  • Crystal Sorken of Clairmont School
  • Kate Drummond
  • Nicole O’Connor of I.V. Macklin School
  • Rebecca-Mae Arnold of St. Gerard School
  • Lucia Lipon of Harry Balfour School
  • Saimaa and Ella Rawlyk of Swanavon School
  • Jake and Brett Atkinson of Hillside School
  • Marcus Hinton of Holy Cross School

Thank you to Executive Women International who provided funding and support for this program, and to our other sponsors and contributors, including Grande Prairie Public Library, Ashley’s Learning Resources, the GP Council for Lifelong Learning, the Storm Hockey Club, and Menzies Printers. Your participation has been vital to the program’s success and is greatly appreciated!

A Passport to Learning for Family Literacy Day

January 19, 2012Posted by Serena Boyte-Hawryluk

On Family Literacy Day, January 27, celebrate learning with your family! There is fun to be had at locations all over Grande Prairie, including Grande Prairie Public Library, Lifelong Learning, The Prairie Art Gallery, and the Parent Link Centre. Click here for a full schedule of events.

Download your passport here or pick one up at any of the participating locations. Complete at least five activities with your family to be eligible for prizes. You can work on your passport all week long, but make sure to drop it off on Friday, January 27 to be entered in the prize draw. The Grand Prize is four tickets to Richard Scarry's Busytown: Busytown Busy, sponsored by Q99, plus a meet-and-greet with the Busytown characters!

We hope that you will also be celebrating the completion of 100,000 Nights of Reading on Family Literacy Day! Remember to get your reading log in to the Library, Lifelong Learning, or your child's school before February 3 to be eligible for prizes!

The Journey of Reading

November 22, 2011Posted by Laura Reilly

Birth to ages 5 or 6: For the young child, language skills and communication are increasing rapidly as are imagination and curiosity. Illustrated picture books confirm and expand a child’s perception of their world. A beautifully illustrated book with good rhythm and word repetition read aloud encourages children to enjoy storytelling and be comfortable with the prospect of reading. Parents and caregivers have the fun of choosing some of their old favourites as well as discovering the wide variety of newer picture books.

For ages 5 to 8: Many many years ago movies were filmed in black and white only. Imagine the wonder in 1939 when the scenes of The Wizard of Oz changed from dull black and white Kansas to the brilliantly coloured Land of Oz That same wonder is felt when a child sees words instead of just individual letters. That moment varies for every child and it is important for parents to understand that children learn to read at different ages. Encouragement and acceptance allows that moment to happen.

When children begin to read, the role of choosing books by adults shifts to the role of guiding children to appropriate reading material. The Canadian Children’s Book Centre recommends “A wide variety of books and reading materials, including fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, chapter books, graphic novels and comics, folk and fairy tales, and joke and riddle books.”

For ages 7 to 10: As children develop confidence in reading, they can manage and enjoy more complex story lines. This is the time for books that are part of a series with short episodic chapters, some illustrations and an open friendly format. Trivia and joke books are entertaining as well as books linked by theme or genre. Trips to the library and bookstore are great ways for children to broaden their reading horizons.

For ages 10 and up: As children begin the road to maturity through adolescence reading provides an opportunity to meet characters with similar issues and concerns. Reading enhances children’s sense of self identity and self confidence. This is a time where parents and children can discuss books and ideas. Sharing books is fun and something that can be done almost anywhere: driving to soccer practice, waiting in a lineup to a movie, sitting at the dentist’s office, shopping, doing household chores!

Annual General Meeting

November 17, 2011Posted by Sue Farrell Holler

Members of the Grande Prairie CLRt gathered in October for the organization’s Annual General Meeting. Joanne Peters, Jean Reston, Maura Good, Sylvia Chabot, Barb Campbell, Natalie Gunderson, Judy Garlinksi and Drennen Hallet stand in front of a mural of the late Linda Smith, one of the founding members of the Grande Prairie roundtable.

The next general meeting is set for 5 p.m., December 6 at Catmint Restaurant on 108 Ave and 100 St. Bring a used, wrapped book (one you hate, one you love, or one of which you have a duplicate) for our Christmas exchange.

October Meetings

September 13, 2011Posted by Sue Farrell Holler

Next general meeting is October 4 at 4:30 p.m. Members, check your agenda for location. Non-members, contact Sue at

The Annual General Meeting of the CLRT will be held Wednesday, October 19 at 7:00 pm in the Linda Smith Story Room (at Grande Prairie Public Library).

Welcome to our new website!

August 6, 2011Posted by Serena Boyte-Hawryluk

The Grande Prairie Children's Literature Roundtable is pleased to launch its new website! is the online source for information about books for young people and literacy initiatives in Grande Prairie. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our organization!